Get energy

Isotopium: Chernobyl is not an ordinary computer game, it is a real game attraction. The purpose of the attraction: to give a person the ability to remotely control real robots over Internet.
Unlike the virtual game, we have a lot of expenses.

This is area rental, staff salaries, utilities, electricity, Internet, maintenance of robots and the arena, so the price of the game includes all of the above factors.

We are not a corporation, we are a small team of engineers. We created the game ourselves and for our money.
Buying game time, you help us develop the project. We are very grateful for your support.
Initially, we gave each player 10 free minutes, but teenagers were deceiving us by creating dozens of accounts. Therefore, now, in order to get free time for testing, you need to go through authorization in the payment system or buy the game time right away.

To get the first 10 free energy to test the game, you need to verify your account through the payment card.

How it works?

You provide the real data of your payment card. An amount of $1 will be temporarily frozen on the account, and within 60 minutes you will receive a full refund (some banks do not return until the 15th day, check with your bank). You must have at least $1 in your account and the possibility of card payments over the Internet . The payment system verifies that you really have an actual payment card. All the data you enter is transmitted via HTTPS.

Why do you need it?

Previously, we gave 10 energy to everyone at the first registration, but the players deceived us and registered dozens of fake accounts to get free energy. Many sites that provide free testing use this method One verified card allows you to get free energy only once.

YouTube will help you learn about our game. Many youtubers and streamers posted reviews of the game, which are available on keyword request: Isotopium.

Types of energy

  Energy - can be used throughout the year. 1 energy = 1 minute of play.

  Light energy - can be used within 24 hours from the start. When "Light energy" will end you will use standard energy. 1 energy = 1 minute of play.

Subscription - every day you will receive Light energy that must be used during the day. If the next day you have not used energy, this energy will disappear, but instead you get again the daily energy based on your tariff. The beginning of the period (24 hours) begins from the moment of payment. Subscription is automatically renewed every month.

One-time purchase - you will receive energy once immediately after a successful payment. This energy can be used throughout the year at any time.