Help save Ukrainian "Isotopium Chernobyl"

As you know, there is a war in Ukraine. Our economy has come to a halt. Almost the entire team of game creators is now serving in the army of Ukraine. We don't have the ability to develop the project and maintain it.

But we have to pay rent for 200 square meters of space. Approximately $160 a month.

Help us raise money to pay the rent for 6-12 months. We believe that the war will end and we can get back to developing the game.

If we don't raise money by October 1st, our game will be ruined forever.

Any amount of money would be appreciated.

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Isotopium: Chernobyl

Isotopium is the first Remote Reality game. Players from all over the world can control real robots via the Internet in ONLINE mode.

The game Isotopium was created within two years and was launched alpha version in autumn 2018. Currently, the creators of the game are looking for partners and investors to build new game arenas and develop the concept.

The game Isotopium is:


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