Isotopium: Chernobyl

In the near future, having used up all it's natural resources, humanity stands on the brink of catastrophe. Scientists have devised a number of alternative ways of obtaining energy. One of these involves transforming isotope radiation into a special energy. This energy is the most expensive resource on Earth. All over the planet, containers have been installed at places with high levels of radioactive radiation to collect the energy. The biggest extraction zone on the planet is Chernobyl.

Collecting the energy is extremely dangerous work, so it is done by remote-controlled robots. Your task is to collect as much as possible of this rare energy in it's different forms, so as to prolong the existence of the human race. During your mission, you can expect dangerous and exciting adventures.

Remember: Chernobyl was a closed zone for many years, and it contains many secrets and many surprises.



Artifacts are gigantic, real things from the real world that were found in Chernobyl.
At the moment you can find 10 items.

Isotope types

Isotope Empty An empty container is a container that has not yet accumulated energy. It occurs very often. It has no value. Can accumulate energy of any color.
Isotope Red

Red isotope - container with red energy. It occurs very often, but has a low value.

  • Raises the player's rating.
  • Can be exchanged for playing time (5 isotopes = 1 energy).
  • Required for fast recovery boost.
  • Essential for quick recovery of health.
Isotope Green

Green isotope - a container with a rare green energy. It occurs very rarely, it has a high value.

  • Raises the player's rating.
  • Can be exchanged for playing time (1 isotope = 1 energy).
  • Allows you to move to a large robot "Crusher" (not yet implemented).
  • Opens the door to forbidden places (not yet implemented).
Isotope Blue

Blue isotope - a container with a very rare energy. Almost does not occur, has the highest value.

  • Raises the player's rating.
  • Can be exchanged for playing time (1 isotope = 5 energy).
  • Required to teleport to another world.
  • Capturing buildings (not yet implemented)



Teleport - allows you to transfer to another world or another arena for tens or thousands of kilometers in an instant. To move you need the power of one or more blue isotopes.

At the moment, you can move to another world "Developers Office".

Energy types

  Energy - a stable energy that can be used throughout the year. This energy can be mined from the isotopes found. 1 energy = 1 minute of play.
  Light energy - not stable energy, it tends to disappear after 24 hours from the moment it is received. After the end of the Light energy, the usual energy will be used. 1 energy = 1 minute of play.