Help save Ukrainian "Isotopium Chernobyl"

As you know, there is a war in Ukraine. Our economy has come to a halt. Almost the entire team of game creators is now serving in the army of Ukraine. We don't have the ability to develop the project and maintain it.

But we have to pay rent for 200 square meters of space. Approximately $160 a month.

Help us raise money to pay the rent for 6-12 months. We believe that the war will end and we can get back to developing the game.

If we don't raise money by October 1st, our game will be ruined forever.

Any amount of money would be appreciated.

Support us

To investors and partners

Good afternoon,

let me tell you a little bit about the Isotopium project and the current status.

We are a group of engineers who made the Isotopium project for own money for two years . We have the technology of remote control of robots through the Internet, hardware for robots control, a server, a system of accepting payments. Our gaming arena has an area of 180 square meters. We also made 12 robots.

We have already invested about $100,000 in the project. We proved that such a model of the game is possible and it can be profitable. Now we want to find an investor to develop other large game arenas. We are also ready to implement our technology in the sphere of entertainment and B2B. We are not specialists in marketing and advertising, we are engineers. We did not bring the game to the "big game market", all the famous newspapers and magazines in the world that wrote about us did it for free. Also, youtubers shot stories about us for free. We didn't even spend a dollar on advertising. We are just an interesting and promising project, so journalists write about us and shoot stories on TV channels.  We get a lot of possible private investors with small investments, but we don't just need money.

We see our future in the following options:

We are currently supporting the work of the gaming arena and robots. We don't buy advertising and don't do marketing. To save money, we have switched to the game model with pre-registration of players.  Usually our game works every weekend.

Currently, we are working on other Internet projects, but are ready to return to the game development at any time.

Isotopium Team